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VIDJ. The professional Video Playback Library. Back to main page

What is VIDJ?

VIDJ is a powerful software library SDK for Windows designed to easily provide full-featured video playback and mixing capabilities to any new or existing audio application.

VIDJ easily integrates into any audio playback engine, providing full video playback capabilities with minimal changes in the code.

Benefits of VIDJ

Developing a reliable video mixing engine is a huge, costly and frequently frustrating task. The engine behind VIDJ has been in continuous development and evolution since 2004 as part of the Deejaysystem VJ2 video player.

Sample Usage

VIDJ is suitable for any kind of software application that requires powerful, reliable and flexible video mixing and playback capabilities in real-time:

  • TV broadcast
  • Video automation
  • DJ-Mixing applications
  • VJ performance tools
  • Video advertising
  • Conferences & congress
  • Presentations
  • Live multi-camera mixing & broadcasting
  • Video surveillance