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1.1 Video playback features

1.2 Customization features

1.3 Developer features

Features highlight

Easy integration with any audio engine

Your audio application receives the plain PCM audio data from the video file. All you must do is playing the received audio throught your audio engine and notifying VIDJ that the audio has been played. VIDJ will automatically keep the video output in sync with the audio as you play it.

Powerful video playback and mixing features

Simultaneous playback of many files, single and mixed video previews, multiple screen support, video crossfading effects, live cameras, internet streams, custom graphic and text layers.

Also features built-in background, overlay logo and text ticker functionality.

99.9% reliability and compatibility

VIDJ rock-solid engine handles any unexpected situation gracefully by returning the appropiate error codes to your application. Video files are played exactly as regular audio files. No special care required on your side.

VIDJ communicates directly with the video codecs. Almost ANY video format is supported provided that the proper DirectShow video codec is installed.