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About us

We are a team of expertise people working at Oviedo, Spain. Our experience covers ingeneering, software developing and audiovisual entertainment. Aplying this background to our products make them truly suited to our customers' needs.




Our mission

Providing software development companies with the video playback and mixing capabilies required by their products and their customers.


By using VIDJ or a VIDJ-based product our customers have saved the important time and money required to research and develop software with competitive video playback capabilities today. Satisfied customers


Developing sing 1998

In May 1998 Angel García, student and DJ, had an urgent need: to be able to play mp3 music in DJ style. There was no available tools at that time, so he developed a mp3 dj player himself from scratch. He designed it in the exact way he would use it later in a real DJ session. The idea was so successful that he continued developing and improving his software until today.


In July 2004 the company took a very new and innovative direction: playing and mixing videos in DJ style. The product Deejaysystem Video VJ2 became the very first software in this category.


Today we offer VIDJ, a new product aiming to help software developers to create powerful video-related products as quickly and easily as no other product could do.

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